Amore is from a Latin root of “Amare” which means “Love” in Spanish. Our name implicates “Love’s Magic”, a mysterious and wonderful human phenomenon. At AmorMagic, we believe love has its magic.

“Love makes life a sweet mystery.”

“Love is the answer that everyone seeks.”

“love is the language that every heart speaks.”

“love is unselfish, understanding and kind.”

Because of love, you are here ready to get married.

With the love of our work, we can transform a commonplace into beauty and splendor.

Meet Our Team


Why Hire a Wedding Designer?

All wedding designers are like artists, but unlike artists our job is to translate your dreams into reality. Some brides and grooms have lots of very specific ideas, but get lost on how to place them all together.


Some find themselves overwhelmed during their wedding design. Regardless what challenge you face, our design team will help create your wedding unique and utterly gorgeous!



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Little Gentleman Party
Modern Blue Wedding Theme